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About Next Step Navigator

Helping You Navigate Your Next Steps To Change

Hi, I'm Henrietta and my job is and has always been to guide people. It's why I chose teaching as my profession and it's the same reason why my teaching, tutoring and union representative skills are all an essential part of my navigating practice.

You can choose to think of me as your favourite teacher, life coach or/and mentor but more importantly the person that provides honesty, a safe, non-judgemental space and a place to learn how you can review your reflect so that you can make progress and move on to the next steps that will help improve in your life.

I take the time to understand your needs, offer practical guidance - I work with you to set realistic steps to help you move forward and make progress. unbiased support; I listen without judgement and empower you to make positive changes.

With compassion and care, I work with you one-on-one to get to the root of the issue. My practical, no-nonsense approach helps you find realistic solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Guiding Struggling Individuals: I specialise in offering support to those who find it challenging to move forward or confront their objectives. Through my experience as a teacher, tutor and union rep, I bring a unique perspective that helps individuals navigate their challenges effectively.

My years as a teacher have developed my ability to encourage positive change, not criticise current shortfalls. I provide tools like journalling prompts, activities, in-depth questions and motivational quotes that provide guidance and self awareness to you and your troubling situation.

As a tutor, I have learned that setting clear intentions cultivates the right energy for growth. Because I understand the importance of gradual improvement and long-term growth, I am able to work with people who need to break down big, abstract self-improvement desires into focused, manageable intentions.

Setting these bite-sized daily and weekly intentions makes positive progress feel attainable, and as small intentions turn into consistent actions, confidence in one's abilities grows naturally. I check in frequently to help adjust intentions based on progress, and of course, celebrate intention milestones, however small. Over time, concrete intentions becomes the fuel for ongoing self-development and a better life.

From improving workplace conditions, as a union advocate I know listening without judgment is key for people to be open about struggles. I embrace the same principles within my practice.

When people feel safe sharing deep-down worries that hold them back, together we can find the right next step suited just for them.

My Perspective: As a your life navigator, I provide a supportive, judgement-free space to help women like you navigate any hurdle or unlock any area of struggle. You don't have to keep spinning your wheels alone.

My reflective approach applies to both personal and professional areas like career decisions, finances, family, and personal growth. It's all about tailoring the practice to your unique story - your strengths, limitations, experiences, and past successes.

I help you recognise and acknowledge your accomplishments and skills to map out the next steps that feel just right for you. Instead of complex goals, we will focus on setting simple intentions that align with your inner voice.

Whether it's relationships, work, self-esteem, motivation, family dynamics - or something entirely unique - together we can get to the heart of what's holding you back. With compassion and expertise, I'll help you:

  • Gain clarity on the root issues and your core needs
  • Reframe limiting beliefs and develop new perspectives
  • Build confidence to start taking action steps forward
  • Uncover your innate strengths to facilitate lasting change

You don't have to have it all figured out. My role is to provide a safe sounding board, objective insights, and guidance tailored specifically to your personal circumstances and goals. No issue is too big or too small.

The first step is giving yourself permission to get the support you need and deserve. One year from now, you could be in a drastically different place - but it starts by prioritising your growth today. Reach out to schedule a free consultation.

So, if you're feeling stuck, are looking for help to navigate the uncertainty in your life or just need to be heard, then get in touch today. I look forward to guiding you.