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Beyond Retail Therapy

Why Women Should Invest in Personal Growth

We've all felt stuck in a rut at some point so Picture this:

You've given 15 years to a job, and for the last 6, you've been feeling less than thrilled. That nagging question keeps popping up: "Is this all there is?"

Now, imagine investing in yourself - just £985 for some one-on-one sessions with someone with someone you're not too sure about but who's willing to be there, to help you rediscover your spark and turn things around. When you break it down, that's less than £85 a month or £3 a day - less than your daily latte habit!

Let's be real for a moment, ladies. We all know that the price tag isn't the real issue here. It's about the kind of support we're giving ourselves.

Think about it:

🦋 Those gorgeous designer shoes you've been eyeing? They're £150 and won't help you navigate office politics or boost your confidence in meetings.

🦋 That gym membership you signed up for but barely use? It's costing you £40 a month but isn't addressing the stress that's weighing you down.

🦋 How about that high-end makeup palette, hair or nails you love so much? It's £60+ but they can't give you advice on how to shine in your career, gain your self respect or help you feel confident and content with your life.

In those 6 years, how many girls' nights out have you had? Each one probably cost around £50 or more. They're fun, but did they give you a chance to really open up about your career worries or that nagging feeling that you're capable of so much more?

And let's talk about retail therapy. We've all been there - buying that stunning new outfit that makes us look like a million bucks on the outside. But does it fill that growing void inside? Does it give you the tools to stand up in that boardroom and own your ideas?

Sure, that new lipstick or designer handbag might give us a quick confidence boost, but it's like putting a bandage on a broken arm. Retail therapy is the ultimate short-term fix - it feels great in the moment, but before you know it, you're right back where you started, only with a lighter bank account and a fuller closet. And let's face it, it adds up fast! A little splurge here, a treat there, and suddenly you've spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, on stuff that looks pretty but doesn't actually solve your problems.

Instead of another shopping spree, imagine investing that money in something that will truly change your life - like guidance that helps you deal with difficult colleagues or managers, boost your workplace confidence, and create a life you feel valued and have job satisfaction. So that everyday, you wake up with that sense of happiness rather than dread. Now that's what I call a smart investment!

Ladies, it's time we invest in what really matters - you! Your dreams, your potential, your happiness. Imagine what you could achieve with someone in your corner, cheering you on and giving you the strategies to make real, lasting changes in your life and career.

You're worth so much more than a new pair of shoes or a night out. You're worth investing in your future, your growth, and your happiness. So, what do you say? Are you ready to take that step towards the life and career you've always dreamed of?


  • Navigating Phone/WhatsApp Session £86

    If you like or need to be in the be comfort of your own home, this option allows us to begin illuminating your core desires and outlining initial growth intentions via phone or online.

  • Park Walk & Talk Session £98

    In-Person Walk & Talk in Victoria Park, E3

    For conversations with nature's grounding presence, so you can channel reflections into mapping mindful next steps.

  • Private Office Session £140

    Private Office Sessions at a London location. For a more traditional haven.

What I bring to you and our sessions:

🦋 25 years of teaching and tutoring experience with both adults and teenagers in a variety of situations.

🦋 4 years of union case work, representing and guiding teachers.

🦋 Experience in implementing and understanding how work polices affect people's health and wellbeing.

🦋 Experience in both management and co-ordinator roles.

🦋 Providing guidance with empathy, logic and an ability to help people see their situations.

🦋 Experience and understanding of how, action planning, goal setting and intention setting works in different ways for different people.

🦋 A focus on cultivating and fine tuning your gut instinct and intuition.

🦋 Identifying your core values and helping you to use these to manage those changes in your life.

Whichever, setting you select, I will help you navigate the purposeful path ahead as every new dawn is an opportunity to author your most fulfilling life chapter.

Friends Helping Friends

Empowering Growth Together!

🦋 If we've crossed paths or a friend has recommended my service, please mention it when booking.

🦋 Friends' referrals are special to me, so I extend exclusive rates for our shared growth journey together.