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What Change & Freedom Means to Sarah

What Freedom Means to Sarah

Sarah had been a dedicated primary school teacher for over a decade.

She loved her job and took immense pride in shaping young minds, but her passion often came at the expense of her personal life. Sarah would frequently stay late at school, marking papers, preparing lessons, or attending staff meetings. She would take work home, spending her evenings and weekends buried in tasks.

One night, as she was hunched over her laptop at the dining table, her daughter, Emma, came up to her with tears in her eyes.

"Mummy, why do you love your work more than me?" she asked.

That question hit Sarah like a tonne of bricks. She realised that her relentless dedication to her career was causing her to neglect the most important people in her life – her family.

With the help of her life coach, Sarah began the challenging journey to reclaim her work-life balance. It wasn't easy, as old habits die hard. She started by setting firmer boundaries, refusing to take work home unless absolutely necessary. Sarah also became more efficient during her time at school, better managing her schedule and prioritising tasks.

However, the biggest hurdle was changing her mindset. Sarah had to let go of the notion that she had to be a 'perfect' teacher, sacrificing everything for her job. Her coach helped her reframe her perspective, reminding her that being present for her family was just as important as her work.

Progress was slow, and setbacks were frequent. Sarah even made the difficult decision to change schools, hoping a new environment would be more conducive to a healthier balance. While things are still a work in progress, Sarah has noticed positive changes. She's leaving work at more reasonable hours and committing to regular family dinners and quality time with her husband and daughter. She's also prioritising self-care activities like yoga and reading for pleasure.

The transformation hasn't been easy, and there are still days when Sarah struggles to maintain balance. But with the help of her coach, Sarah has a renewed commitment to her personal life, she is happier and more fulfilled. She's learning that being a great teacher doesn't mean sacrificing everything else – it's about finding harmony between her career and her personal passions and relationships, one step at a time.

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