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I help women navigate major life hurdles and transitions - from career stalls; relationship crossroads to confidence crises - so that you can progress with courage, reset your direction, and start to be feel free in all areas of life.

Lets Help You Break Free

Your Steps To Change

Whether you wish to embark on a new career chapter; move forward due to a divorce or separation; simply want to redefine who you are; build your confidence or instigate change at work, home of just life in general - partner with me as your compassionate guide to help you illuminate the reflective journey ahead.

Together, we will navigate life's complexities. So take the first step into your renewal by scheduling your exploratory consultation today.

Warm Regards

Henrietta- Your Next Step Navigator.

Please note that the services provided by me as your The Next Step Navigator are not advice, therapy or counselling. These sessions may address specific personal, business, or general conditions in your personal or professional life. As your Next Step Navigator, I will provide suggestions and you agree to be accountable and take responsibility for the decisions and actions you take.